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Anyone else having problems with Camouflage Resupply settings not being retained.

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I seem to have problems with Camo resupply settings not being retained.  Every once in a while I will notice that I seem to be spending doubloons and after a lengthy search of all my ships I find one that is resupplying a camo using gold.


The first time I had this issue I went through and I turned off auto-resupply on all my ships.  Then went back through and reenabled all my premium camos (and other free permanents like the NOla camo from the recent anniversary events).  Then I went through and reenabled camo on the ships I drive frequently verifying that either the camo would run out and not be able to be bought (e.g Halloween camo) or that the camo had a silver resupply option and that I had chose it.  Is there something that I am doing that resets these settings or is a setting being lost once in a while?


I'm not looking to run through the streets yelling about shady business practice or anything...  I just want to figure out what feature or bug-fix to request to keep this from happening in the future.


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I know this has been reset by patches from time to time.  No telling which one might've done it at this point tho.

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Yep, the same has happened to me from time to time.  It seems to occur right after an update, but not every update. 

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