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World of Submarines Under the Ice

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Killer Fish has a great nuclear sub game not totally sim like but close enough feel. 

The base game engine should be similar in play style.

Gameplay a group of players randomly chosen based on tiers not just one team literally random are placed into an random instance area based on tier alone. In the battle all surface ships are NPCs.


Before you hit the battle button you take a bonus assignment. So if everyone chooses is one the same side everyone still had something to do and like identifying sonar contacts, sink surface ships, sink convoy, attack inland target, etc. If you go in alone then you literally don't know who is who until you make sonar contact and identify them. Even if you go in alone you don't know that and you still have assignments to do.


Subs choice decides what team you are on NATO or Warsaw pact.


The instance arena can technically start and last for 30min even if only one person is it as they have a bonus assignment to do.

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