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Whale Cemmorative Flag

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I was just thinking about a what if scenario where Wargaming awarded whale flags for people who spend a certain amount in the game. The flag idea is a whale like Moby smashing a ship. Blue Whale for people spending over 500. Gold whale for spending over 1000 and White whale for spending over 2500$. I would think of the whale body slamming the ship in half on top or smashing from beneath the hull. Any ideas?

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I just think this would players feeling superior to others and that can lead to nothing but trouble . Who cares what one spends in game.

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1 hour ago, The_Dastardly_Canuck_rob said:

I'd rather not let people know how much I spend on this game. 


This.  It's kind of embarrassing, really.



Have to run my mouth on this a little more.  The game requires both kinds of players, and both should be equally proud of their contributions. 

Without a significant portion of FTP players, the purchasing patrons have an anemic player base which will eventually die off.  Then what would all of those purchases have been for and what fun is it playing against the same six people over and over? 

Without a healthy base of purchasing patrons, the game development team runs out of funds and the only option at that point is to somehow support the game with advertising revenues.  I'm probably not the only one who finds that a miserable option.

Is going to a retail-driven system a solution?  It's a very pre-2005 system, and has pretty much been abandoned in favor of hybrid retail/micro-transaction.  Hybrids can work, but as EA is (maybe?) learning, they are a very volatile gamble.


TLDR:  Does one part of the community deserve something special?  My opinion is a strong negative.  Both ought to have equal share of the rewards.  To do otherwise imperils the long-term viability of the game.




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