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liked the pan asia DD

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really like the diversity of the pan asia DD

i also liked the guns i tried it in a few different captain skill setups and module configurations and found it to be alot of fun to use.

i noted that in the actual game and in the test server it seems to me you have done something to the guns of cruisers and battleships because they dont seem to ever miss anymore.

ill turn while the shells are in mid air and they will come down perfectly on the middle of my ship and it just makes me laugh because it's not how it used to be.

it's like you have put tracking devises on there shells.

this has taken much of the enjoyment of playing a dd out of the game i also played the bare bones BB conquerer and it owned everything and doesn't even have a spotter and killing dd's was so easy i was laughing about it while playing.

I didn't even have to switch ammo and was shredding them.

I have also come to the conclusion that you have intentionally tried to make dd's less effective over all in the game but I doubt you took into account that if you play pugs in a dd, 9 out of 10 times your team doesn't support you or hides behind a island or goes the opposite direction while you try to get away from 3 other ships.

then if you don't try to take a cap they will scream at you that you suck or are stupid or afraid to do what your supposed to.

all in all the game is great its the people that really suck, "imho", bless there hearts

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