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Voice Chat--How?

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This question may belong somewhere else, so please move it if it needs moving.


I've lately been divisioning up with other players after having resisted doing so for a long time. It would be nice to be able to talk to them as opposed to typing. I have a working mike and have enabled "voice chat" in the settings, setting it to toggle on with the V key. But it doesn't work for either myself or my division mate(s). Yes, I have searched out past posts and looked into the game manual for help. I gather that the little orange box with the three dot on it plays a role. I have put my division partners in there as Contacts and have been able to send and receive private text messages from them, but we cannot speak directly to each other. Am I missing something? Or does this feature just not work (as I was rather rudely told a few days ago by some random person butting into a text conversation I was having with a mate).


I realize most clans and organized groups use Teamspeak or Discord or some other 3rd party voice chat, but I was specifically wondering if there is an in-game voice chat system for those times when you want to divvy up with someone on the spur of the moment.

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I used to use voice chat ("V" as you described) but as of the last patch, for some reasoin it stopped working for me, so we switched to TS and Discord (depending on which people I div with),


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1 hour ago, SgtSpud said:

Yes it works but only when you are in a division.

This, and it takes a couple minutes after division forms before the voice chat usually activates.


TS3 and Discord are more popular these years.

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