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Farazellath interviewed by Kelorn - readers' digest digested

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Readers' Digest


Farazellath interrogated by Kelorn and Kamisamurai.


What do you think a CV should be able to do?

Hmm that's a very difficult question, scout stuff, defend stuff, sink stuff?


What do you think of the CV rework for USN carriers?

Excellent, brilliant, superb, A+++

Midway will now be competitive



Ranger = slightly better, will still be eaten alive by Saipan, Hiryu and Kaga, as usual.

Lexington = a little better, will still be useless versus Shokaku in ranked

Essex = *scratches head* It will separate brilliant players from potato players?

AP bombs are terrible and mostly useless, but slightly less terrible than the HE bombs


So the CV rework for USN carriers is without interest for every tier of American carriers except tier 10?

I didn't say that!


What do you think of the Graf Zeppelin developments?

One holy Cluster.. I mean Charlie Foxtrot (sorry kids)


What would you like Graf Zeppelin to be and do?

If it could be sort of 2/2/2 or if not that two/two/two, you know, something that can work in Ranked Battles like Shokaku? Sort of like Shokaku but German?

Even better, 3/3/3, just to be on the safe side, can never have enough fighters and torpedos. 

DeepWater Torpeedos are stupid, I prefer the nomal kind, because if a CV can't sink destroyers,...?


Yes yes, but what can we realistically expect from a development team that does not include a SINGLE carrier player?

A question to which not even the development team has an answer.

If the best we can get for GZ is 1/2/1, (current test version 2) if they can replace the DWT with ordinary torpedos Graf Zeppelin might be ok for random battles, if you are a very good player. Of course this means the GZ cannot scout and defend its team at the same time, not very well, anyway.


reader's digest digested : 

"Nobody at WG listens to me."


Note to readers


Creative license was liberally employed during the edition of this digest, for a more accurate understanding of what was said, visit https://thewarshipspodcast.simplecast.fm/0650199a and listen to the interrogation yourself. I listened to the entire podcast, and thought it rather good.

The content of this post is intended neither as evidence of agreement or as disagreement with the views expressed by interviewers or the interviewee


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