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How about a forum subject devoted to funny WoWS stories?

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I'd like to ask the forum administrator make a category for posts intended to be humorous, said posts seem to get a lot of up votes but get buried fast.  There have been several threads with excellent contributions and collections of lighthearted WoWS experiences and stories.  For example: consider "Forum Funnies", by Snargfargle. (Poor child, what were their parents thinking?).  It would be great to have them sorted under "WoWS humor", a location where posts could reflect a side of the player base that is the complete opposite of the toxicity for which other on-line games have a reputation. (See what I did there?)  There are a lot of witty players who play this game and many are regular posters - my old keyboard knows this all too well.

I realize it will take more work for an administrator to police but it might help to generate buzz for the forums, and encourage new players to interact beyond a simple introduction, before inevitable flight to obscurity.  These forums are still one of the best places new players can go to gather the most up-to-date information on how to improve.  Plus there is an opportunity for many super-unicums to tell an embarrassing story or two (if for no other reason than to give some less skilled players hope).  It may be a dumb idea, but I'm full of turkey leftovers and positivity.  Both the leftovers and the positivity will disappear soon so I thought I should mention the idea now.  Cheers.

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