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When you have a good German Brawl in a GK vs a Bismarck and a Tirpitz..

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Everyone died.

That's what was happening as my team, while having three caps for most of the game, struggled to get kills while arguing over how bad one of our Bismarck teammates were for the entire game(he did rush into B on Trap, which was exactly that-a trap- and died surprisingly quickly) 

I circled my GK, having started from the north on A side and angled towards B, then, after firing at an enemy Bismarck that was playing Peek and Shoot, headed towards C to cover a sneak attempt by another Bismarck and a Tirpitz. And soon the battle was joined. Rounding the large island that sits north east of B, I warned a friendly Moskva nearby what was happening, then proceeded to lay 406mm shells into the side of the Tirpitz who had just started to round the large island on the enemy team side. I hit hydro in between this, ready to dodge his incoming torpedoes, but he waited. Then I fired at the Bismarck with the back two guns, secondaries firing at everything. I decided to turn back towards C, all twelve guns aimed at both ships. They sailed alongside me as well, that's when things got interesting. 

I was at 100k health when I engaged the both of them. Once I completed my turn towards C, I opened fire again at the Tirpitz who released his torpedoes, finishing him off, but taking four torpedo hits in the process. Very quickly I had fallen to the same amount of HP as the enemy Bismark-22k. I hit my damage control and repair party and continued to lay into him, now even faster than before thanks to the Adrenaline Rush perk. 

Then the North Carolina showed up, as well as the enemy Großer Kurfurst.  

A few hits from her, and I was down to 20k. The Bismarck had angled slightly towards me at this point, and I towards him. I fired again, dropping him to 10k, he responded with a 5k salvo, followed up by the NC for 2k. I fired one last time and dropped him to 1k. Then the enemy Kurfurst killed me, and I burned the enemy Bismarck to death. 


A truly German battle that I enjoyed. And it was my first game of the day as well! 

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