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So, About the IJN DDs.

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Can we get any word at all about WG's plans for these two lines?
It's all so hush-hush, it seems.


I've asked about continuations for the alt line

about why the shimakaze feels like the weakest destroyer of T10 due to her high profile torpedoes

about how we're losing our identities, especially now that the Pan Asian torpedoes are in a league above japanese.


yet I've never heard a word back.

So I'm only asking one simple question now:


What can we know about WG's plans?

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About Shima: Okay, as a fellow Shima admirer, let me share our current plan (very work-in-progress, subject to change or cancellation, not a promise):

  1. To test 20 km DW (anti BB/CV) torpedoes with her as an option.
  2. To test TRB within smoke slot as an option.
  3. To change the research order as you suggest - so that 20 km torps, regardless of their specs, are not the default.
  4. Consider removing 20 km torps completely (especially if DW test fail).

ETA: 2017 - early 2018.


The rest: Unknown


Another line: Not in near future aka not gonna happen.

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When they bring back the old furataka tier 8 as a premium, you will know the buffs to the rest of the IJN destroyers are around the corner.

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The line is ok with the exception of the shimas ability to be a consistantly valuable asset for the team. Its damage potential is mitigated by too many variables. Also

the yugomos should have 10 and 15 km torps to make up for her lack in firepower.


Back to shima

She has not the best concealment although she should have .

Guns are ...mediocre especially too slow in turning for a tier X

Her AA is a joke it doesnt exist.

She has no utiltiy and with smoke nerf the last utiltiy for team support has been severely diminshed.

The Torpedos....

As a long time shima player i can say...it really doesnt matter how careful u plan your attacks with 12 km (or your suicide run with 8 km) the outcome is still influenced by way too many variables you have no impact on. 

I recently switched back to 20 km just for [edited] and giggles and had consistently better results with them simply because people dont believe that anyone would use them.

The reload time is too long compared to the competition doesnt matter if you have more torps. Reduced alpha damage and lower flooding chance for better reload is a no brain trade to me. Torpedo reload booster and sacrifice smoke when u dont even have the best concealment? Idiotic. And the conceal of the torps is just BAD and the speed nothing to brag about.

The gameplay is usually stale , pray that the enemy low concealment dd , radar cruisers and hydro users are not there when u want to contest a cap early (which mostly is a suicidal

affair in the shima anyway) , torp smoke screens , pray for a lucky hit (wheres the skill in that?) wait for nearly 2 minutes rince and repeat.


Ship should have:

Best concealment vs any other DD or equal to 5.5 not worse. Its Tier X for a reason. It should be a THREAT to lower tiers or gun oriented boats in the concealment department. Currently even gunboats she meets besides khaba are so close to her concealment that its almost neglible or shes flatout

beat by lower tier IJN and the Pan Asian.

A utiltiy choice of hydro or speed booster or heal in the speed booster slot

A torp choice of 10 (good speed, best concealment)  , 15 (fast speed,medium concealment) ,  18 (good speed,deepwater, remember the spread will be very

wide when the torps reach max range, so argueably still the weakest option )

Improved turret traverse

Debatable generally on torpedo focussed DDs. .More options for firing solutions than only narrow and wide spread.


In general i disapprove of any single torpedo being able to 1 shot kill a enemy ship at full health. Shouldnt happen its detrimental to the player experience.


Just my 2 cents.


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^^, one-shot is the IJN flavor - I like it.  If you're in a DD and see an IJN torp coming... scary crap.  I was in my Yamato yesterday with some good torpedoe-beats working, had over 3 million in potential damage.

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