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Anyone want me?

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70% win rate in 47 battles in the ranked season before last.

Mostly play BBs

Just a chill 20 yo guy who has got back into the game recently after taking a break for a while. I saw that clans were a thing now and and am just putting this out here in case someone wants to pick me up.

Here is a link to my profile for more info. If you have any question about me or want to recruit me feel free to reply.



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Hey @skyman100 I'm an officer in the Armada Dominion. We have a great community and we don't have any requirements for joining except for a small interview over on our discord. Come check us out! 


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Hey Skyman!


I sent a message to your in-box from TSG4!  I look forward to meet you and having the opportunity to chat!



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Play Co-op only?

Play in weekends?

Don't like divisioning?

Don't like voice chat?

Hesitating because of stats?

Don't have a premium ship?

Haven't reached tier 8/9/10 yet?

Don't want to be interviewed?

Complete casual player?

If your answer is yes, then no need to worry!! We are at your service! Lone Wolves is the biggest and fastest growing casual clan group in the NA server which doesn't impose any restrictions on its players!!

We don't check WR/WTR stats

We do not check your ship tier

We do not check your premium ships

We do not ask you to play regularly

We do not ask you to play division

We do not ask you to play competitive mode

We do not ask you any questions about you or your play style

What we do is accept applications to our clans!! That's all. You got to send an app to any of the clan that has a vacant spot, and you will be taken in without a single question asked!!



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