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Lowbie looking for a clan

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I'm a lowbie* newbie looking for a clan that prides itself on working with players to make them better. I'm hoping to find people who are in my time zone and occasionally form divisions with other clan members.

*Lowbie: ~235 battles experience, 45% W/L, multiple Tier IV ships, and service "level 15" - whatever that means.

From what I know about clan warfare, I'm far too low (in Tiers) and inexperienced to participate in that. Divisions is the most I can hope for right now. On the plus side, I'm been online gaming for over 20 years and am quite knowledge about naval technology and military history (not that either helps much within the game).

Right now I'm concentrating on learning to play better with my existing Tier II-IV BBs and DDs (mostly IJN and USN), rather than trying to advance further and just doing worse and worse in ships without upgrades.

So, does your clan...

...have patient teachers?
...insist members be mature and polite in spirit and deed?
...consider teamwork more important than personal stgats?
...regularly play at 10pm-midnight Pacific?

If so, please tell me whom to contact, and how. I have both TS (teamspeak) and Discord.

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Hi Yasha,

    Armored Knights might be the clan for you. We have a great setup for players of all ranks/ranges, with competitive play in Supremacy League, fun play in Clan Battles, and plenty of folks who play just to play.  Our entire recruiting platform is based on who a person is, versus the stats/experience they bring to the game. We take some time to get to know folks, and allow them time to decide if we're a good fit for them as well.  II'd invite you to check us out: Armored Knights  Register on our site if you'd like, and you'll also see our link for our Discord chat.  Looking forward to meeting you.

~ Fear

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