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Blackbeard's Battleship Black Sheep

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Blackbeard's Battleship Black Sheep, is looking for WOWS players who are interested in doing some clan wars and squad play. We are a fairly casual group. But can turn "IT" up when needed. If your interested get a hold of any of us we are more than willing to help. Tier 8 ships is just about the only major requirement. A few must, be respectful of teammates and those we are playing against.

Thank you,


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ATTENTION ALL: This is a blanket message to anyone interested in joining us, and everyone in "our" BBB clan. This is not directed at any one individual, and is intended as a reprimand. We are a "clan", meaning "we all" work with one another toward the greater good for all! And as such everyone shares in the responsibility of making this one of the best, if not the best clan in this game. We are a diverse group made up of young an old, ex military, and present military service, and many folks who have no prior military experience.
(A) We are always sympathetic to the fact that we all have real life issues outside of this game at times, and real life comes first. However, we all have an individual responsibility to inform someone in leadership should there be a real life issue. I, and others have had real life issues arise that required, or demanded our attention, but we informed someone else in leadership of this. That being said, everyone knows what to do now should you have any real life issue.
(B) As previously stated, "We are a clan"! And as such, we expect everyone to participate in "clan battles"! It happens that we are in the middle of "clan battle" season. The leadership is aware of a few folks that have as yet progressed enough to fielf tier 10 ships. "If you need help, you need to speak up, and let us know who you are, and what your individual needs are"! We cannot help, if we do not know where you need help at. We all need to remember we are all here to help one another succeed !
(C) An officer will post the clan team lineup's. There will be  Group A, Group B, and Group C ahould we gain more clan members. Get with an officer should you have any questions.
      Ideally, our goal is to have at least 2 groups available for clan battle nights. Clan battle times are posted in-game.
(D) And lastly, we all have rules by which we are governed, whether it be real life, or in a game. This clan has only a few. But they will be adhered to!
     (1.) You are welcome in this clan regardless of age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion, or lack of religion. Leave your ego, and your
           politics at the door! We may joke a lot between us, and some of those topics may be in the conversation. But none of it is intended as ill will,
           or to be taken seriously. We are a diverse, and friendly group who genuinely one anothers company, and we have fun.
     (2.) "We are a clan", and as such we all do our best to contribute in our own individual way for the improvement of this clan.
             "No one gets a free ride here, as everyone can contribute in their own way"!
     (3.) If you have real life issues, let someone in leadership know !
     (4.) When in a clan battle, there will be a task/group force leader, and/or co-leader. They will make the assignment, and strategy calls.
            Limit your conversation to pertinent in-game battle information. Should you die while in battle, as much as you may wish to help a team
            mate, please refrain from overseeing their game play. Allow the individual the ability to learn by his/her own mistakes. There will be ample
            time after a battle to critique someone's gameplay.
     (5.) Everyone in this clan will be required to have access to either "in-game" communication (meaning voice), or through either the "doscord",
           or "teamspeak" platforms. This is vital when in battle !
     (6.) And the final rule, but not the least of which is ... "HAVE FUN"!!!!

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