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Upgrade Slot Change Question for Playtesters

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From the PT Notes:

We changed the arrangement of upgrades in the corresponding slots. Now, each slot houses an upgrade more expensive than the one placed in the immediately preceding slot. Slot-based prices will be distributed as follows:

  • Slot 1: 125,000 Credits
  • Slot 2: 250,000 Credits
  • Slot 3: 500,000 Credits
  • Slot 4: 1,000,000 Credits
  • Slot 5: 2,000,000 Credits
  • Slot 6: 3,000,000 Credits


We believe this change will increase the logic of upgrade arrangement while making the ship researching process more consistent. All upgrades already mounted will remain on their relevant ships, only their location slots will change. As with the above carrier modules, some upgrades will be moved, and more details will be available with the release of the full list of changes for the Update.


My question for playtesters:

Does this change which mods are grouped together at all?  Or does this just reorder the existing slots?

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It justs reorders the slots by cost. Much more logical, though a bit confusing if you're used to the old format. Nothing really changes though.

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