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What are the generally recommended upgrades?

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Hi there! I do apologize beforehand if my search skills have failed me and such a post exists already, that being said, here goes nothing! 

I have found the post regarding the recommended captain skills greatly enlightening, is there some sort of general consensus for what types of upgrades should be chosen for each type of ship (Nation, tier, or some other categorization)? 

Short of that is there some sort of general guide discussing the pros and cons of each upgrade or even the viability of each upgrade? Thank you very much and sorry again if I am clogging up the forums with another post if there's one already >_<

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A quick reference would be to look up the specific ship on youtube, just remember not everything is set in stone and eventually you will have to tailor you builds to how you play.

People have their preferences for whos videos are best so just look for decently high viewer count and watch a couple to compare.

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You can look up every ship on the Wiki, there they give you a full Recommended build and which flags you should equip.

If you Need very specific Information your best bet is to make a post on the Forum in the appropriate subforum, and you can expect to find help there as well.

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Each ship, and each play style, call for tweaking the configuration of both the ship upgrades and the captain skills. There are a lot of variables.  As mentioned, both the WoWs Wiki and Youtube videos offer suggestions. Perhaps a practical example will help make it easier to use those resources:

Let's take a hypothetical destroyer (DD) as an example:

A DD uses both guns and torpedoes (fish) as offensive weapons. They make use of smoke and speed as defensive tools. 

Some DDs, like the Russian line are more suited to gun battles. In that case the options should be for gun range, speed, and suitability.   Others, like the IJN, have better fish than guns. There a player can build for maximum concealment and adjust for faster or longer range fish.

Some lines, like the French cruisers, play much the same through all tiers. That makes it easy to migrate a captain as ne ships are unlocked (If you are willing to pay the cost and don't need him in the older ship) Others, like US DDs, vary quite a bit as one move up the line.   That may mean a series or new captains or additional costs to reconfigure the skills.

Hope this helps, and have fun in battle.

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For Youtube:

Flamu: he does recommended builds, captain skills and playstyle. He showcases how to play the ship.

Notser: he does ship reviews with a highlight of current captain skills and builds.

Whisky gamming,Yourpeacekeeper): does an up the line series.


Remember that your play style will greatly effect the build.

An example: Bismarck, everyone recommends secondary build, but you snipe from 15 km....

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8 hours ago, edliu111 said:


As everyone said there are skills that are recommended because they play to the ships strengths. However they are not set in stone you can pick other skills that fit your play style. Just don't pick class specific skills and waste points. Also on one final point for IFHE don't use it on ships with guns above 200 mm it is a general waste of the skill but that is my personal opinion.

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