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Anyone remember this legend? *UPDATE!!!*

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Hotel QE2 to open within the year!

Everyone! I bring you excellent news, if everything goes according to plan, QE2 will finally open as a Museum/Hotel in Dubai within, Spring of 2018! While news is still tight and news is still lacking it does look very very promising! 

Everyone wish her luck!!! I plan to see her if she does become a hotel!! Going to have lots of fun sleeping with her~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


Queen Elizabeth 2 

Cunard's forgotten Girl


Remember this British legend? In my opinion, Queen Elizabeth 2 is one of Cunard's most beautiful creations. Formally Cunard's beloved Flagship, she now sits alone in a dusty dry dock in faraway Dubai. 

This post is dedicated to one of my first line drawings of ships, to shed light on her long service and also to pay tribute to her 50 years of being on this planet. 





QE2 was born in Scotland, Clydebank. She was built by the John Brown Ship Yard. The same yard which built the other Cunard Legends such as Queen Mary, Lusitania, Aquitania and the first Queen Elizabeth. Her keel was laid down in 1965, July 5th, taking 2 years to complete. She was christened by Queen Elizabeth the second, who used the same gold scissors that were used on Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth to cut her ribbon. 

QE2 is 293.5 meters long with a beam of 32 meters. She is 52 meters tall and weighs about 70, 327 GT with a displacement of 49,738. Her draft is 9.8 meters and she has a total of 9 decks. She can run at a speed of 34 knots, and can go backwards at 20. She can look after 1,892 passengers and has a crew of 1,040 to look after her as well. 


Early Life 


QE2's maiden voyage began in 1969, May 2. She departed Southampton and began her 4 day journey toward New York. In 1971 QE2 became a heroine when she rescued over 500 passengers from a burning French ship, Antilles. There was a brief bomb scare in 1972 when an alleged bomb was said to have been placed on her. It was soon found to be a hoax after a search found nothing. The hoaxer was soon found and arrested by the FBI. 


Falklands war 



Like many of Cunard's famous ships, QE2 was selected to act as a troop transport for the invasion of the Falklands after Argentine forces invaded the Islands sparking the Falklands War.

QE2 returned home in June of 1982 were she was greeted by the Queen's Mother in person. The Captain of QE2 spoke on the ships behalf: "Please convey to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth our thanks for her kind message. Cunard's Queen Elizabeth 2 is proud to have been of service to Her Majesty's Forces." 

QE2 docked in port soon after and her funnel was repainted back to the original Red and Black. Her hull however was left in an unattractive "Pebble Grey" much to the discomfort to the ship and her passengers. So in 1983 QE2 was given her old hull colours back. 


A major Refit 


QE2 once again experienced problems with her engines and other mechanical problems following her annual checkup in November 1983. Boiler issues prevented her from leaving for a cruise, and in October a electrical fire caused her to lose all power. There was a proposal to replace QE2 with a new ship but Cunard decided against this. So in 1986, QE2 was given new MAN B&W diesel electric engines, switching her from steam to, of course, diesel. She was given new shoes (Propellers) and a heat recovery system which was intend to help produce power from the heat that the engines emitted from them during their operation. 


In 1992 August 7th, QE2 tripped on some uncharted rocks south of Chuttyhunk Island near Martha's Vineyard resulting in extensive damage to her hull.

QE2 encountered a large 27m tall rouge wave in 1995, September 11th which was caused by Hurricane Luis. The next year she completed her fourth millionth mile (643,7376km) equivalent to 185 laps around the world and in 1999 she celebrated her 30th anniversary since her maiden voyage. In three decades she had completed 1,159 voyages, sailed some 4,648,050 nautical miles (5,348,880 mi; 8,608,190 km) and had carried over two million passengers. 


Late Years 


QE2 was given $30 million dollars in 1999 for a refurbishment, which included a new colour palette for her rooms and while sprucing up old public rooms aboard the ship.   

In 2004 Queen Mary 2 replaced QE2 as Flagship ending her long reign as Cunard's flagship. QE2 was assigned to full time cruises, she still did occasionally,partake in Trans-Atlantic crossings after this. However by modern standards, QE2 lacked many of the modern amenity's offered by the bigger, younger girls and she was constantly harassed by them. Although she did own a nice ball dress (Ballroom), was trained in first aid (Hospital onboard) and was literate (6000 book library was carried onboard QE2). She was also still one of the fastest ship in the world with a speed of 28 knots. 


In 2004, QE2 was recognized as Cunard's longest serving liner, passing the 35 years of Aquitania and the next year claimed the title of longest serving ship, passing RMS Scythia's record. In 2007 QE2 met her running mate Queen Mary 2. It was the second time in history that two of Cunard's queens had been seen together since World War 1. 


Later that year Cunard announced that QE2 would be retired and that she had been bought by a company in Dubai for 100 million. Her retirement had been forced by the 2010 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations which would have resulted in costly changes to her structure.  In a ceremonial display, Queen Mary 2 sailed with QE2 to New York to meet up with another Cunard, Queen Victoria. This marked for the first time that three of Cunard's Queen's had been preset at the same time. At the time Cunard said the three would never meet again but by chance the three meet again in 2008 on April 22 in Southampton.   


In 2008 October 3rd, QE2 began a final farewell tour, visiting Ireland and Britain. During her trip she was escorted  by Destroyer Manchester. The farewell treated QE2 like a real Queen, She was greeted by huge crowds who cheered and waved to her, she was given a fireworks display and even a RAF flypast. As she prepared to return home to Southampton, she was followed out by a mass of civilian craft which gave her one last farewell. She would soon begin her last Trans-Atlantic voyage. She departed England with her successor Queen Mary 2 and arrived with her in New York on the 22 of October. It would be the last time she would see New York. 



*QE2 On her tour of England* 


QE2 returned from her final cruise on November 11th.  As she entered port, QE2 beached herself on a sandbank, probably in a futile attempt to avoid leaving Britain. She was eventually pulled off the sandbank by six tugs and was sent for a inspection, which revealed no damage to her hull. 


QE2 left Southampton for the last time at 1915 GMT in 2008, November 11th. Her departure was rather heartbreaking for only permanent resident, Beatrice Muller who was 89 and paid some $5,400 of rent a month. At the time of her retirement QE2 had traveled 5.6 million miles, carried 2.5 million people and completed 806 crossings. 


In Dubai 


On her arrival in Dubai, QE2 was given another spectacular greeting. Another huge firework display and a flyby from a Airbus A380. Thousands of  people greeted her along the pier just like in England. It would be the last time she would be treated with such grand respect. Shortly after the final passengers left, QE2 was brought to a cargo berth. Originally this was a temporarily holding place as QE2 waited for the final word on her refurbishment into a hotel. But due to the 2008 economic recession no progress has begun on QE2's refurbishment. 

Despite this, QE2 was visited a few times in the coming years by her successors and in 2009 she was supposed to be moved to South Africa to act as a hotel but this plan fell though and she ended up staying in her dusty port in Dubai. 



*Hotel Plans* 

In 2011 probably in an attempt to escape back home, QE2 broke her moorings in a large sandstorm and was almost pushed out of port but was caught by Tugboats who brought her back. 

2016 brought some hope as her life boats were removed and her davits were also dismounted. 



*Poor girl, look at her all sunburned...*


Currently work does seem to be ongoing and rumor has it that she will open as a hotel in December of 2017.


This link will bring you to a website with the most current news about her.


Closing statement


In my opinion, QE2 is probably one of the most beautiful looking ship ever built by Cunard, if by anyone. Combining a sleek modern look with a elegant traditional style. Her lines are not ruined by countless little balconies. She is not big and fat like the girls of today, but small and elegant. 

I purposely wrote this in the style where I avoided calling her "The QE2" "It" and tried my best to make her as Human as possible. I don't know why but I've almost always done this. Also I do wish I could have written more about her, but I kinda want to get this post done with. She keeps distracting me with pictures of herself. 

Anyway's I do hope for the best outcome for this amazing ship, while she may not sail anymore, she has a good chance of sticking around for years to come. 



Image Gallery 

A collection of QE2 being pretty from around the world 



Shes so pretty at night~~ 



She's aged well, still looks good after 40 years! 



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That red hull though. 






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Excellent write up. Certainly a gorgeous ship, but I do admit that she lacks the elegance(in my opinion) of the old three and four stackers like RMS Majestic

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Got to stay a few nights on QM in Long Beach; doubt I'd ever make it to Dubai though...

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Gorgeous ship, she sounds like a real homebird! They have kept her in great condition too, you would never know her age!

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My mom's uncle was among the many troops transported on the original QE during WWII. Ten years later, my mom sailed on it going to Germany to meet my dad, who was stationed there. She was was quite impressed by it.

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We can only hope that they will not only preserve the old girl, but also preserve her correctly (not gut out all her machinery and removing most of her unique features for the proposed remodel of the ship for her to be a hotel/tourist attraction like what was done with the Queen Mary.)

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I travelled on the RMS QE2 on it's longest ever non-stop voyage which included a refuelling at sea getting back to the UK on 11th June 1982 after sailing 14,000 miles non stop.  (i think you can guess which trip :)  )

RMS QE2 was one of the last V shaped transatlantic hull designs..  today only the RMS QM2 is a V hull ship, all the others are flat bottomed cruise ships which is why the RMS QM2 is now the flagship even with a new Cunard ship coming in 2022 to become the 4th passenger ship in the fleet which will be somewhat larger than the RMS QM2..

Thank you for the history of this Cunard Ship.  Post 1982, I sailed on her again a few times, but in a little more luxury than my first trip.  

PS, don't forget, SS Atlantic Conveyor and SS Altlantic Causeway were also Cunard ships in 82.  For Conveyor, it was her last voyage.



PPS not being picky, but this famous ship was actually the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2...   the RMS is kinda important and special distinction :)




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