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After smoke detection nerf: Ship firing in smoke vs. detection when firing outside smoke at smoked ship?

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What happened:

  • Late game, went 1 vs 2 against Fletcher and Gearing in a Kidd.
  • We were the only ships in that part of the map (i.e. within spotting distance of any kind).
  • We were all firing upon engagement, which started at 5.8km.
  • Fletcher eventually popped smoke, but my last volley killed Fletcher before Fletcher went undetected in his/her smoke.
  • I moved into enemy Fletcher smoke, lost spotting on Gearing and stopped shooting.
  • The Gearing and I lost sight and stopped firing at the same time (not long enough for either to drop to non-firing spotting distance).
  • Gearing approach smoke as expected, but spotted me first, and early enough to get 2 full volleys on me IN SMOKE before I could spot Gearing again.



  • Gearing is 2.8km firing in smoke and Kidd is 2.7km.
  • Gearing and Kidd are both 2km assured detection. 



  • If I'm IN SMOKE and that Gearing was firing at me OUTSIDE SMOKE is my detection 2.7km and that Gearing 2km?



  • That is lame if so WOW and a broken mechanic following the smoke detection nerf.
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This is the new reality for firing in smoke. This is a snippet that shows 'roughly' shows the new detection ranges for some destroyers firing from within smoke:


Kidd should be same as Fletcher.


Your 20 second delay to "go invisible" after firing is still in effect while you are in smoke. So if Gearing approached to within roughly 2.75km of you and within 20 seconds of your last shots on the Fletcher she would've spotted you but you would not see her until she fired, which is what happened.


Adapt to this change.


  • Cool 2

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5 hours ago, nhf said:

Gearing and Kidd are both 2km assured detection. 

Isn't there either a skill or a consumable which kicks that detection range out to 3K?

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There is Target Acquiisition mod but it shares the slot with concealment so no destroyer with a right mind would take it (I have seen it on DDs though).


What is much more likely is that the Gearing got indeed spotted at the same time (pay attention to when his icon appears on the minimap) but it took some time to actually render the ship so you could see it on screen and therefore you just "feel" like you got outspotted.


Unfortunately this happens quite oftens and I don't know how to "fix" it either.

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Smoke changes have really messed up the game play.  A DD can smoke up in front of a ship and fire on him with the ability to maintain detecting that ship because it is firing his guns without any additional spotting help.  I felt like the goal of this change was to make game play more aggressive and not as much "sitting in smoke", but instead it has pushed the battleships even further back on the map and has increased the power of smoke for DDs, thus making CAs sit in the back with BBs too.  Again smoke changes have made the game even slower and less fun to play as there is no chance of getting into radar distance of a ship sitting in the back of the map in smoke while a DD can spot you as you move up while he himself is sitting in smoke or behind it.

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