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Since a couple of weeks ago, I have been having problems with game disconnecting in battle, especially with aircraft carriers. Screen blacks out, and returns to the connection page in the middle of battle, sometimes two or three times in a game- and almost always with my carriers.

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You may want to check the performance of your connection w/ your ISP or internet connection to the WG Servers.

I, too have experienced a frustrating number of disconnects at times, but in my case it happens (often) just as there's a lot going on (i.e. you're getting ready to brawl, coming under air attack, a lot of ship are firing at once, etc.) and the problem worsens at certain times of day.   The reason you probably notice your problem w/ CVs is that as a ship class, the amount of client-server traffic for CVs is greater than a typical gun-ship due to the multiple CV air groups.   


There is a rather hilarious 12vs12 CV exercise that a number of Community Contributors participated in a while ago where the game had trouble dealing w/ all the client server messaging that was going on.  The result was that, tho these folks had good connections, the UI for the CVs they were playing slowed to a crawl and experienced lag gaps, etc. (very difficult to play a CV this way, but hilarious).  You could probably still look this up on YouTube if you're interested.


There are probably others who have posted on this forum who have a better grasp of tools and other means to check where your problem lies, but the DCs are likely due to packet drops due to connection reliability or performance between your PC and the WG servers.





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