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Suggestions For Next Season

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Greetings all,

Replying to another thread gave me an idea that may warrant it's own discussion. This season is showing how interested parties can quickly overtake the current membership limits. The league structure is doing well at stratifying the better equipped/more experienced players away from the more casual, giving more people more enjoyment. The incentive provided by test-driving rentals is sure to improve WG's income.

I have a T10, and more well within reach. Multiple high-point captains for any nation's rentals. So these suggestions are not really for my benefit. :) They more or less related to each other in various ways, with the goal of bringing more people in.

First, the T8/level 15 floor may be a tad high. It has been so long since I got to 15, I am unsure exactly how long it would take to reach that level. I do agree that the general experience provided by climbing those levels makes for a better experience for others. This may be better left as-is, but a good look would be appreciated to see if more players could be included.

The T8 floor is related to the next suggestion as well. This should be lowered to T7(possibly 6), since the Port gives bonuses to lower tier ships. A player could have considerable experienced in several lines without ever reaching T8. It seems to be an attempt to sell more T8 premiums, and it may have worked. Probably more gold was spent to free up XP to jump up to T8s.

The T10-only structure works, but could be better. This is related to the next suggestion so stay tuned. Since we currently have 30 member clans, it is not unusual to see several 7-player teams in play at once. The formation of de-facto sub-clans makes for even more players, just spread over more Ports. I suggest allowing a T8-only 7-player team to be active once a T10 team is active. This brings up more newer players in their "native" ships, resulting a higher quality of play. It also reduces the quality and frequency of radar, which has become a required ship type. By allowing T8 battles in CW the less-experienced players can be directly exposed to more experienced players in their clans, and can become that much better that much quicker. Maintaining a T10 team active at all times to allow T8 keeps the original intent intact.

 The 30 member limit has led to formation of what are to all intents and purposes sub-clans. These groups are experiencing diluted rewards due to the current Port/Oil structure. If more members were to be allowed under the current structure, then the Ports would be fully upgraded quite quickly. If the Oil price is increased for facilities, then smaller Clans suffer a disadvantage.

I suggest scaled Clans. Each level of membership increase could increase both Port rewards and prices. 30 member clans maintain current rewards. 50 member clans have an extra 1% added to each facility bonus, but with an increase in Oil required to build/upgrade. 70 member clans would be maximum with highest rewards and prices. A fair and level playing field, regardless of membership or experience level.

Example - A 30 member clan spends Oil to upgrade to 50. Their current facilities keep bonuses, but can add 1% by upgrading for an extra 1k-2k(?) Oil per facility.

Getting more people and less radar is one set of goals. Increasing the positive experience for larger groups while maintaining rewards for smaller ones is another.


Thanks for your attention.




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So, you didn't read anything about the reasons why WG kept clans so small?

The is not a big game, and probably never will be. Larger clans would just push the top players into a smaller number of clans, and pretty soon you'd have a few elite clans, and the great unwashed horde.

The MM is Clan battles apparently allows matching of clans out of your league, for obvious reasons, lack of players.

So, the most likely result of creating larger clans? The few elites constantly getting down leagued for games and beating the lower leagues like a red headed stepchild. Final result? The lower leagues will dry up because they are just easy kills for the top league, less people play, longer wait times.....and so it goes. A couple seasons it will be in the same place team battles were....DOA.

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41 minutes ago, awiggin said:

Larger clans would just push the top players into a smaller number of clans, and pretty soon you'd have a few elite clans, and the great unwashed horde.

Laughs in [MAHOU], [VILIN], [11A_D], [QSSF], [-G-], [OTTER], [RELIC], [YOUJO], [CLAWS], [RDDT], [CHAI], and [HAVOK].


WoT clans that dominate the map. 

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