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P.T.S. only 1 good thing

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torps for US CV, only good thing i found in the test...AP bombs less damage then HE, completely opposite of the performance of shells we're used to... you can't switch to them in game, also opposite of what we're used to from shells...so useless.

only 1 fighter is a joke.

kept getting kicked out of server, when i was even allowed in.

scenerio broke

no pan-asian line/ missions.

so all in all another mediocre offering from WG.

i enjoy the game & do appreciate the test server option...but...does any one in WG actually play the game, i'm being serious, any1 who plays US CV knows how frustrating it is to watch our out-numbered fighters get mauled trying to either protect the team or our bombers ( RNG bombers, so that stinks all by itself) & now you want to leave us with only 1 fighter..no load-out options, WGs idea of balance...really?  get some people on staff that play the game.

i'm posting only out of frustration, not because i have any hope it will do any good, time & time again the community has listed issues only to have them dismissed or just plain ignored.

i stopped playing WoT for this same behavior & i'm not the only 1 who came over looking for something better.

thx & enjoy, smoke66

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