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Rediscovering Texas

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I recently purchased the Lone Star camo for my Texas as a way of supporting the actual battleship.  Previously, my Texas had been in dry dock for a long time.  After I bought the camo, I wanted to take it out for a spin and see how it looked.  The results were very surprising. . .


First off, the camo is gorgeous.  If you haven't picked it up yet, you definitely should.


But more importantly. . . Texas was *WAY* better than I remembered her being.  Her guns hit hard and are relatively accurate.  Her armor is quite effective against same-tier threats.  Let's not forget the monstrous late-war AA suite.  She's quite good actually.


It's true, she does get uptiered into Tier 7 games.  But every Tier 5 does.  What's also true is you don't draw much attention as a Tier 5 battleship in a Tier 7 game.  I have put some definite hurt on some Tier 6 ships that underestimated me, and even put down a cocky Colorado in one game.  It seems that just as often you're top dog in a Tier 4-5 game due to protected matchmaking for the Tier 4s.


If you haven't played Texas in a while. I highly suggest you throw your 19 point US BB captain in there and giver her a spin.  Pick up the Lone Star camo while you're at it and help preserve the last remaining dreadnought for another 100 years.

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God Bless Texas.   


Over 70% win rate in mine.  Bought the camo, and proud supporter of the Battleship Texas Foundation.

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