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WoWS Chat room

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In the Chat room where everyone communicates in . I can see a banner where the Commander can send messages to the clan.

Now why can't the clan members have one to so if they are going to be away from the game for sometime due to illness or financial reasons

or something in that manner they could post it for the Commander and the Deputy Commander to read so they won't get the Boot form the clan.

The reason I say that is that I'm sitting with a 99% occupancy in my clan and I need to know if my clan members are going to be able to play or not 

if not then I let them go and get someone to take his place . But If he is able to send me a message in a banner letting know he just might be able to stay in the 

clan .


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Could tell them to message you on the private message on the forums or tell them to do that in the clan description or something.I think that banner is for general announcements like "upgrading X building" or "if you want to fight clan war, be on by xx:xx est." The banner would lose its feature if it was treated as any other announcement by just any member. Maybe they could insert taglines/status/"motto" box to user profiles so you mouse over or whatever and users can type their availability. I don't see your option being implemented though. Maybe other people have worked out a system and will post on here to help you coordinate easier/better.

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It would be easier to manage clan communications and such with a discord or something like that. The in-game system is pretty rubbish.

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