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This ship would be a collector's item par excellence, a dreadnought built by Austria-Hungary to match Italy's first dreadnought at the time, the Dante Alighieri.

Viribus Unitis was an Austro-Hungarian Tegetthoff class dreadnought battleship commissioned in 1912.  Her name ("With United Forces") was the personal motto of Emperor Franz Joseph. After a number of operations early on, she was destined to be mostly inactive in WW I as part of a 'fleet in being' and was sunk in November 1918 by an Italian manned torpedo.

Viribus Unitis mounted twelve 12" guns in four turrets and twelve casemate 150mm secondaries, modest AA and four 530mm torpedo tubes.

Viribus Unitis was ordered by the Austro-Hungarian navy in 1908. As the first of the newly created Tegetthoff-class battleships, she was laid down in Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino shipyard in Trieste on 24 July 1910. She was launched from the shipyard on 24 June 1911 and was formally commissioned into the Austro-Hungarian Navy on 5 December 1912.

During World War I, Viribus Unitis took part in the flight of the German warships SMS Goeben and Breslau. In May 1915, she also took part in the bombardment of Ancona. Viribus Unitis was sunk by a limpet mine on 1 November 1918.

This classic dreadnought never saw major naval action against enemy capital ships. How would she fare in WoWs one wonders, and what tier would she appear in? Probably too powerful to set alongside the Tier III German dreadnought König Albert she might just make Tier IV.


I've noted her in my pre-dreadnought thread (which includes a few choice dreadnoughts and battlecruisers):



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A must have WG, are you reading this post ST Petersburg +1 to OP

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Oh yes. I would like her alright. 


Interesting fact, she is the first battleship to have superfiring triple guns mounted on the centerline.

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