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Naval bombardments from the last 30yrs?

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Falklands, and gulf war I know, but recall someone on here talking about the RN using 4” or 4.5” guns against a shore target (Libya?) but can’t find anything about that on google.


help me out?


for context just pointing out that NGFS is a vital mission for the navy to be able to conduct.

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Operation Ellamy was the codename for the United Kingdom participation in the 2011 military intervention in Libya.


Day 55 – 12 May 2011

While engaged in surveillance operations off the coast of the rebel-held Libyan city of Misrata, HMS Liverpool came under fire from a shore battery, making her the first Royal Navy warship to be deliberately targeted since the Falklands War.  HMS Liverpool returned fire with her 4.5-inch main gun, silencing the shore battery, in the Royal Navy's first use of the weapon since the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


Day 107 – 3 August 2011
Several rockets were fired at HMS Liverpool. She returned fire with her 4.5-inch main gun.


Day 151 – 16 August 2011

While conducting this mission, Liverpool came under fire from a Loyalist shore-battery.  Liverpool responded by firing three rounds from her 4.5 inch gun, silencing the battery.  Later on the same day, a patrol aircraft spotted a large pro-Gaddafi vehicle convoy carrying weapons and ammunition. Liverpool fired 54 shells from her 4.5-inch gun at the convoy, destroying or severely damaging many of the vehicles.



"The Type 42 destroyer returned heavy naval gunfire answering Col Gaddafi's forces with its 4.5in main gun sending several shells arching into the night during the early hours of Wednesday."



"HMS Liverpool was able to stay farther offshore than the other NATO vessels because her main 4.5-inch gun has a longer range."



HMS Liverpool fires shots and destroys boat in war against Pro-Gaddafi forces



4.5" gun in action




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Outside of training at SHOBA on San Clemente or W-183 on Okino Daito Jima in 7th fleet, the only place I've put ordnance on target was in Australia's Shoalwater Bay Training Area on Townshend Island for Valiant Usher 98-  USS Vincennes and HMAS Perth expended around 1,000 rounds of 5-inch HE and illum rounds during the 3 day exercise (Perth shot 200 rounds - Vincennes 800 rounds).   We coordinated the NSFS fire missions with SEAD and suppression fire from the 155mm artillery batteries and Harrier / F-111 RAAF CAS strikes.


Vincennes had an ammo offload scheduled before they had to go in for a yard period, and asked us to help out - so instead of having them offload their 5-inch gun magazines at the pier, we helped them offload some of their ammo out their two 5-inch gun barrels.


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