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Hi there!

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Hello all! Hope you all are doing great. Just wanted to say hey as this is my first time stopping by the forums. I have quite a bit of battles under my belt but I still consider myself a newbie, im not the best as you can tell by my stats but im working on it. I have seen myself improving over time and hopefully one day ill reach the top! If I run into any of you in battle, ill be sure to make it quick and destroy you! :cap_look:

See you guys around.



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Welcome aboard sailor; May the wind be at your back, your enemies sail straight, the enemy torpedoes miss by a mile and RNG be always in your favor. Remember to watch the mini map, change course and speed and use AP on broadside ships at the water line. Don't get lost or sail alone, don't hug islands to close, don't show your broad side, push with your team, don't hang back in sniper mode and Have fun. Smoke on the water is dangerous, avoid friendly fire and don't feed the trolls. For any thing else use search or just ask.


The Sinksalot Fleet salutes you, 
See you top side.
P.s. the Youtube channels of iChase, Notser, Flamu and even the Mighty Jingles has really good content for WoWs. The more you learn the better a captain you will become and the less you will be surprised. Also reading Patch notes is useful.
Also check out the Lord Zath Replay Theater https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Xy0NjaupmmfvZ90Zeq2PQ

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Privateers, Privateers
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Hello and welcome to the forums!


Fair winds and following seas captain! :Smile_honoring:

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Fair Seas New Cap'n,


Welcome to the Forums!

Don't be a stranger and ask if ye need be. And watch out for some occasional salty sailors. 

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