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Some rambling about the Yueyang......

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Back when it was still Hsiangyang, there is something about it that kinda irks me.


It's the way its bridge looks.


Its tech tree progression predecessor, the Chung Mu, gets the modernized bridge that it did in real-life before being transferred to the ROK.  Reverting to a DD with a 1943-year-type bridge for the next Tier...... feels kinda like a retrograde to me even though I know that it doesn't really matter gameplay-wise......


Then one day, I found out that the name got changed to Yueyang.  The Yueyang has a modernized bridge, which it, too, received prior to being transferred to the ROC (see attachment, as the USS Haynsworth DD-700).


(Then I also belatedly found out that the USS Brush DD-745 a.k.a. the Hsiangyang also had it......)


Considering that WG didn't seem to mind making composite ships out of different variations within the same classes when it comes to progression ships, perhaps the Yueyang could receive a similar treatment as well, if only just the modernized bridge?


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Why did they change the name? Too close between t8 and t10? 


Too bad. In Chinese they’re very different sounds. They’re just written in weird Taiwanese romanization. 

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