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[JSG] is recruiting mature teachable players

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Welcome fellow Captains Japanese School Girls [JSG] is recruiting for only a select few positions and we invite you to come join our clan. We have been operating for two years and although the name comes from cliche anime we are not an anime clan per se. We have a diverse group of players from all over the world Singapore, Japan, Australia, Peru, and of course the United States.

What we require from you

#1 we require that you have fun

#2 all members must be over the age of 18 ( to be honest we would prefer you to be 25+) our average age is about 40.

#3 You must have a head set and be able to hear on discord and team speak we use both.

#4 Individuals will have 2 tier ten ships of different class.

#5 you must enjoy playing the game no drama queens or bitter jaded kids who don't know what it means to be bitter and jaded.

#6 see rule number #1


We are looking for a detail oriented person for an officer position to assist one of our current officers with spread sheets and operational policy for clan battles.

we are looking for drunks, stoners, and bastards to fill 3 positions on task force b which has a commitment 1 night a week for clan battles.

Two rotational positions are open on task force alpha which runs at least two nights sometimes all nights CW is up.


We accept any Vikings with no questions asked

The more you know about guns, history and anime will only make you more favorable.

We don't hold hunting seasons against you just let us know your off to kill elk, ducks or whatever for how many days.

our discord is https://discord.gg/tRTwf5u

our Teamspeak is me762.teamspeak3.com


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