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Clan rental ships - captain questions

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I have not taken advantage of the T10 ship rentals for Clan Battles as I already own several T10 ships.  However I was reading over the 0.6.13 patch notes and I now have a question about the process.  The way I read the notes is sounds like:


1) I can put a captain into a ship rental and there is no retraining penalty (e.g. I can put my current NC captain into the Montana and he retains 100% of his captain skills at no cost)

2) When the Montana is taken away from my port if there is a captain in it, that captain is put into reserve and all of his skills are reset.  If this is indeed the case then it seems to me to be a simple way to respec any captain for zero cost.  Meaning I could put my current 15pt Montana captain into the rental Montana and when 0.6.14 drops that Montana captain is now in the reserve and the 15 points are no longer assigned.  


Is this really what happens?  Also, when the captain is taken from reserve:

1) Is there any retraining cost if it is placed back into it's original ship (i.e. Montana from above example)?

2) Is there any retraining cost if it is placed into a ship that was not it's original (i.e. a Benson from above example)?


As always, your assistance and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

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They are treated as premiums. 
So, if you take a captain out of a ship, the captain does not have to be retrained. But the captain will still be trained for the non-premium ship he was pulled out of. If that ship doesn't have a new captain, the loaner ship captain will go back to the original ship. No retraining required AND he keeps the captains XP earned in the loaner. 

I do not know what will happen if you replaced that captain in the original ship. 

Since he doesn't go into reserve, I think that resolves the second 2 questions. (No and yes respectively)

In case I'm not being clear, in my case I took my Isokaze captain on put him on the [Zao]. No retraining required. 
After the [Zao] was removed from my port, that captain appeared back in the Isokaze. No retraining. 


I just checked and the respec cost is 160 instead of the usual 85 bajillion dubloons it normally is. 

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