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Just now 4 loses in a row with my Tier 7 DD. Some stupid teams. Let me share. One team combined all the loser potato moves in one up the middle in twins and lemmin train west while not helping with the other DD and I in the east. Not 1 ship in support. If I am in a cruiser or BB and I have 2 DDs in front I am happier than a pig in sh!t. Steam roll. Another team we had them up 8 ships to 4. scouting and spotting for a Bismark in front 2 kills to my credit but wait. About 2 squares from their base. We forget to protect the base. The lemming train that went the other way stalled and allowed a single DD to capture. Mind you our guys were only about 3 squares away from ours. The other 2 were total steam rolls. Up tiered but still managed 1 kill and I spotted and captured a cap. I felt I played some of my best DD and I am happy with the play but I am pissed with the loss. Cannot reach 50% no matter what I try. Solo warrior is a tough road. 

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