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Weekend spree

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My subpar plays reflects my subpar win rate this weekend.  Did not have a great time in ships this weekend.

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Tier 9-10 match up.


Some guys (who already got detonated), started to become the game commentators as the rest of the fleet (including myself) were positioning (some of them) to get set.

He (presumably) started complain about us "big BBs" of "camping" (okay a few of them). Myself I was on full speed avoiding shells, and trying to get to the opposite end of the cap to reinforce that "weak" side (perceived, since our ships there were taking cover). In hopes to at least give the enemy a psychological threat of a Missouri coming into view. Our Shimakaze player typed "F*** this", followed by "screw you guys" and just ran in circles. After looking at "why",  I noticed 2x Des Moines at B/C caps. Denying our Shima to get closer. Had I fired constantly, I would've burned down or sunk by their over numbered ships in their range. I just fired, and reverted back into concealment while on full speed.

When I managed to make it there, I turned my bow onto the mass pool of ships pouring fire into our already halted ships. Then started to push. Eventually, the rest of the ships slowly moved out. We turned the tide from A cap, all the way to C cap by just being aggressive. Or at least I was. Ran out of heals, with 1 Radar left. With about a Destroyers worth of health pool left. The game was a win, but I felt that a Montana, Missouri driver, and Moskva could've been less passive. Before I got there. 

While I get why that Shimakaze player got frustrated initially, Shima driver could've used his detection as a tool to manuever around threats. 

Moral of the story you ask? Well, every persons perception does not translate to everyone else's. Sometimes, you get players really trying to move to support the weaker side to creating a delaying tactic by sacrificing his ship to gain a tactical advantage (which I've done many of times before). But while I felt like typing angry words at our guys not picking up on that latter tactic, I still refrained from spamming the much needed tool to allow our ALIVE players to use effectively.



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