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Season 5 Playoffs next.. what a season!

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Hi.. I'm that evil Kagero driver for STW Citadel Nation  (sometimes I even manage to live up to my own hype!)  and it's been an interesting season.  Like many teams we've gained players and lost players.  Won matches and lost matches.  Tasted a touch controversy.. and ya know, dodged the bullet.  And lets not forget the onset of Clan Battles which has caused some teams to pull out of SL.  (doggonit!)


I Just wanted to post here to make sure it's know.

  To those teams that are not going to make the playoffs starting this next weekend.. Don't Give Up!  Next season will come and you'll do better.


  To my own team mates..  Well Done.. We've come a very long way in two season.  We did much better this season then last and we'll do even better the next season.


  To all the teams we may be facing in the playoffs.. We're here to fight, not argue rules. SO lets fight!  And may the better team, or luckier team win!  Looking forward to the upcoming fights.. SIngle elim is hardcore, but it's the way it is.  And grats in advance to the teams that make the final grand champion rounds.  You will have earned it!


The players in SL are not all super unicums, or even unicums, but, they are teams.  (i'm "almost" unicum..but working on a bit more consistancy..and I'm doing that solo which is significantly more difficult.. which is just the way I like it!)  The teams that focused on the team work elements of co-ordination, flexibility, and communication best have done well.  If your team gave its best at what ever level that was you've nothing to be ashamed of.   SL play is TOUGH!


  (Clan battles kind of a let down really..The level of play is no where as good.  The ship and force limitations of SL are more stringent then Clan Battles even though SL teams are 9 player per team per match and tier 8 which allows far more flexibility in ship selection and is frankly more appealing the clan battles.  But hey, I just play here.. what would I know eh?)


It's been fun, and here we are at the end of the season and about to stat the play offs to discover which teams will be the League Champions, and League Grand Champion.  There's some awesome fighting ahead but in the end there can be only one (*cue Highlander OST, sing it Feddie!).   My team may wipe out in the very first fight of the playoff rounds but it'll be what it is.  No one can take away from us what we have done this season.  I am proud of them all, and proud of all of you other teams and players  that stayed the course through the season and refused to give up no matter what.  That determination is what makes tournament play worth while, and it is what gives me hope of us eventually seeing semi pro and pro teams competing with World Of Warships as their game platform of choice.  Today Supremacy League is an Amateur E-Sports league supported by donations and the passion of it participants.  It may grow from here, it may disappear, it may just stay the same. 


We the players, the teams.  We've made it real once again in this 5th season of play and I am honored and proud to have participated.


Thank you

TL "warlord" Roff

Sun Tzu Warriors "Citadel Nation"

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