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Hope (with small AAR)

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Tier 9 game. A Neptune equipped with Radar (vs smoke). 


Having to change the typical tactic of 'shooting from within smoke' method of this ship. I had to be more aggressive than normal, amp up my awareness, and along with when to fully utilise the Radar. I must say that having the Neptune with Radar, really puts you in a hot seat. Specially knowing that as soon as the OPFOR has a line of sight to your Neptune. You can almost hear all their turrets of the fleet turning to aim at you. Exciting times.


During this game, we managed to push back the enemy DDs in mid cap (Radar and ROF). While denying entry to our right cap (aggression). Picking up from the momentum, we advanced further to repel them out of the area completely. 

During this time, a friendly DD (German) launched his torps at a Kutuzov and turned away from my position and moved to flank around.

With my Neptune within Kutuzov's smoke range, I have closed the distance and waited for my Radar to come off cool down timer. Placing my cruiser wedged between a Kutuzov,and approaching ships to my port side with a solid cover (island) at my nose. Launched torps in a single fire mode into the smoke. Whilst engaging a Des Moines, and a Gearing rushing me on my port side.

We managed to kill the Kutuzov, Gearing gone, Des Moines in hasty retreat. Form the mini map. It looked like we were making good grounds. We were in full pursuit-move to B mode. 

But during this maneuver, our friendly DD suddenly got destroyed. I know nothing was around us in the map. What could have got him? You guessed it, my torp that was intended for the now dead Kutuzov in smoke. Somehow our DD turned back around to get into the torp net that was already sent.

We won the battle, but I became a pink avatar...


After realising that it was my torp that got him, I apologised in text. What came after was golden. 

"That's ok, it was my fault. I drove into them".


Who ever you were; I commend your integrity, and a great display of sportsmanship. 




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Great story, nice that people didn't rage because people haven't learned life's lesson. I swear they need to create a flag to raise awareness and that would help dwindle forum complaints on this matter. Forrest Gump's movie nailed it.




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