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WOW! And you can take that as a pun if you intend to. I got an invite to play the next patch/release of World of Warships version and let me tell you, if they were looking for a way to addict you to this game, playing the next release with all the extras they give you is the way to do it. I played it all day and then some. Found myself putting aside, well, everything just so I could check it out on levels that I can not afford or haven't been able to get to yet. As with every new version there were some changes made and they want someone to check them out. In this version there were changes in the AA mechanics, fires extinguish faster, smoke changes in British cruisers, some balance changes to some of the ships, and some new visuals to help us out a bit.


Well they wanted us to try out the new AA mechanics most of all and somewhere along the way it suggested using Japanese cruisers, probably because it is Japanese Weekend for World of Warships. If I would have known that in the beginning I would have stuck with my All American Team because Japanese cruisers suck. Not only that but they restricted us to using AP shells only in the main torrents. That and it's awfully hard to test out the Mechanics of the AA systems when you don't put any aircraft carriers in the team lineups which is what happened for about 98% of the battles I played. What made it sweet though were things like you get to start off at tier 3 with a commander that has 15 skill points, which I forgot about till I moved to the next ship and tried to look for a way to take him with me. They also have reduced XP research requirements for ships, which is how I made it from tier 3 to tier 10 in one day, and research cost of 1 free XP for modules. They also claimed a reduced cost for modules which is hard to believe when some modules start costing 2 million credits. But that doesn't matter when you get to start out with 500 million credits and 30 thousand doubloons. Even when you get to the 33 million credit ship you kinda go, "Oh well." There were also some other things that came with the program like 10 of each signal flag but needless to say I enjoyed myself rather thoroughly even though I kinda suck at this game.


Yea that's right, I'm the guy that always runs aground or accidently rams someone and whos greatest weakness is those damn torpedoes. I still managed to nail a few ships and get nailed frequently. The nice thing about the cruisers I played is the reload time is lightning quick but being stuck with AP shells only made it hard to bring anybody down due to over penetrations, or if your up against a battleship the little suckers just bounce right off. But that's part of why cruisers have torpedoes, which was a whole new experience to me. It was difficult getting used to the slight disorientation when switching views from the gunners aim to the torpedoes aim, not to mention having to pull the switch while pulling hard maneuvers. What button did I just push and which one do I press next?


Some of the new drawbacks were the new smoke mechanics and what I would like to call glitches or idiosyncrasies in the game itself. You just can't hide in smoke anymore unless you are the enemy. I took several trips into the smoke and came to a dead stop and didn't fire a shot but tried to set up a torpedo spread instead only to find out, "SUPRISE!", I start getting nailed when there is still over a minute left on the smoke timer. But low and behold when the enemy blows smoke you'll be lucky to see them even when they take a shot at you. In my opinion there should be the same visibility in as there is out. If they can see you well enough to take a pot shot at you then you should at least be able to see a brief silhouette of them when they fire at you, if not a shadow in the smoke when they can see you.


And then there's the invisible ship. You spot an enemy, you zoom in and take aim at him, and just as you are about to shoot or right as you do shoot, he disappears, and then starts unloading on you while remaining invisible. There's clear weather, there's no smoke, but he's invisible. In my opinion, once a ship is sighted, it should remain visible until it goes behind another object like an island, or it gets at least 20 or so klicks away from you. You see the curvature of the earth allows you to see roughly 13 to 14 miles at the surface, that gives you about 21 or so klicks as long as you are not elevated and the object you are looking at has a nominal height. Now I know camo can help prevent you from being spotted as early while within this range of sight, but once spotted you don't become invisible until you move behind something or you pass sufficiently over the horizon. Especially while firing your main guns!


There is also an issue with the sight lock, or when you hold down your right mouse button to look around without moving your guns, a couple and sometimes all of your guns will tend to slowly follow the pointer as you move it around. Very Annoying. One other suggestion I have is when a ship gets sunk in the shallows, like right next to an island, there should be a small portion of that ship still above water that you can run into. Also, I'm having a hard time hearing my commander alert me to things such as torpedoes, potential collisions and the like, but I can hear the radio chatter clear as a bell. It would seem to me that I should be able to hear the guy standing next to me yelling in my ear, just as well, if not better than I can hear what's coming over the radio.


Now with all of that said I'd like to thank the guys that authored and developed this game for it is one almost glitch free, substantially realistic game that I love to play, even though I suck at it. I would also like to thank all of you who took the time to read this and I hope I can find some agreement amongst some of you with what I had to say. Oh, and by the way, the two times my AAs were in use, they worked superbly. Happy wargaming everyone!  :cap_rambo:



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