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USN Heavy Cruiser Skills as of V. 6.12

Recomended Builds  

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  1. 1. Recomended Primary Build Style (Overall design of build):

    • Anti-Aircraft - optimized to shoot down planes
    • Destroyer Hunter - optimized to find and kill DDs
    • DPM Focused - focused on maximizing potential DPM
    • Other / Jack of All Trades (Mixed) - please specify build

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As I am actually starting to enjoy sailing the Pensacola, I'm planning to keep her. As such, I'll need to train a captain to either replace her current captain (if I move them up to the next ship) or to captain the next ship (if I keep the current captain in Pensacola). I'll use my Indianapolis and/or Marblehead to train the new captain.


My Pensacola captain currently has Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Basic and Advanced Firing Training, with two points unassigned.

The new captain is already at four points, with Priority Target, Expert Marksman, and a spare point.


I was thinking of applying to both an AA themed build, with PT, EM, BFT and AFT. I was also thinking of getting Superintendent afterwards, which leaves 6 points left.


There are some other skills I might consider are:

  • Preventative Maintenance: to reduce the number of incapitations recieved
  • Incoming Fire Alert: to warn about long-range, potentially unexpected enemy fire and allow more reaction time
  • Adrenaline Rush: to increase late-game DPM
  • Last Stand: to allow evasive action even if engine and/or rudder is KO'd
  • Demolition Expert: to start more fires, increasing DPM
  • IFHE: to increase DPM with plain HE damage
  • Radio Location: to more easily hunt DDs
  • Concealment Expert: to avoid being shot at all

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My CA build is generally for Anti-air. Build below, with (x) indicating the order I take the points in.


Tier 1: Priority Target (1), because obviously. I later add on Preventative Maintenance (6) to cut the regularity of turret loss and engine kills, since I don't run Adrenaline Rush.

Tier 2: Expert Marksman (2). Adrenaline Rush is supposed to be quite good but I haven't tried it out. 

Tier 3: I prefer an AA build, so I take BFT (3). On my 19-point Baltimore captain I also take Superintendent (7) for the extra heal. I haven't decided where to spend the extra 3 points for my other captains.

Tier 4: Concealment Expert (4) and then Advanced Firing Training (5). 

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Tier 1:

IFA   This is a great skill. If you think it is for bad player, then feel free to count me as one.

EL   Works good on USN cruiser as you do need to switch ammu type quite frequently


Tier 2:

EM  USN turret traverse is so-so. You might want to make it better

AR  Good skill on most ships


Tier 3:

SI  Typical choice on all high tier cruisers

DE  More fire = more damage

Vigi  You are a DD hunter sometimes so it helps to avoid torps


Tier 4:

CE Nothing more to say here. Typical cruiser skill.

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IMO, no need to go for AA build. As an American cruiser you already have a big sign that says "DO NOT PASS GO" to incoming aircraft. No need to focus on that any more than you start off with, since you won't see a ton of planes come your way even in a game with CVs. Occasionally an enemy CV plays dumb and sends planes your way, then you wind up popping AA and eating planes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's even rarer that they manage to get a considerable hit, but some CV players know how to tease you into popping defensive AA early.

I go for DPM, personally. Steven Segal (17pt) on my Des Moines currently has:

1: PT (Because it's great to know when the whole enemy team has decided to make you the target, as they are want to do, as you have poor range, so to get kills you have to get close)

2: EM (Duh) and AR (Even faster reload time? Yes plz)

3: Superintendent (More Health, Radar, and Defensive AA) (I will be getting DE when I get to 19 points)

4: AFT (Okay, I partially lied, additional AA is nice, plus it helps keep the DDs away), and CE (again, your range sucks)

To be fair, I'm very much considering swapping AFT for DE, then getting AFT again at 19 points.

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