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Russian monitor?

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It's a small boat affixed with a T-28 turret and rocket rack.

Think a PT boat, but with a small tank howitzer and rockets of questionable utility. 

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Riverine katyusha chucker. 

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Armored boat of 1124 project with the T-34 turret, the AAMG turret and the rocket launcher



Russian WWII armoured boat of S-40 type photo



"This is quite large topic as Soviets used armored boats quite widely and successfully on rivers, lakes and even on seas (as coastal gun/patrol boats). "


Project "1124" (medium armored boats, 97 were built in 1936-1944) - 49.7-52.2 t; 25.3x4.04x0.85 m; 2x750-900 hp engines; 18-19.4 knots; 340 miles; 7-45mm armor; 17 crewmembers; 2 T-34 turrets + 1 turret with 2x12.7 MGs, 10 mines. Sometimes they were equipped with 82mm-132mm rocket launcher or turrets from T-35 heavy tanks. 


Project "1125" (small armored boats, 151 were built in 1936-1944) - 26.8 t; 22.65x3.5x0.52m; 1x720-800 hp engine; 19.7 knots; 160-250 miles; 4-20 mm armor; 12 crewmembers; 1 T-34 or T-28 turret + 3 MG turrets PB-24, 6 mines. 

Type S-40 (similar to "1125", 7 were built) 


Project "161" (large sea-going armored boats/skerry monitors, 20 were built in 1942-1944) - 160.8 t; 36.2x5.5x1.28 m; 2x1200hp engines; 13.6 knots; 450 miles; 12-52 mm armor; 39 cremembers; 2 T-34 turrets, 1 37mm AA gun, 2-3x12.7mm MGs DShK, sometimes 2x45mm guns or 1-2x82mm mortars. 


Project "186" (large sea-going armored boats/skerry monitors, 8 were built in 1944-1945 + 30 in 1945-1947) - 156.5 t; 36.2x5.2x1.5 m; 2x500 hp engines; 14 knots; 750 miles; 42 crewmembers; 8-20mm armor; 2 T-34-85 turrets, 1x37mm AA gun; 2x2x12.7mm DShK, 2x82mm mortars. 




"Often referred to as the “riverine tanks” or “Bronekater” in Russian, the gun boats of the project 1124 and 1125 series played an important role in securing the large system of waterways of the Soviet Union. Well protected and fielding a variety of heavy armament, the boats fight offensively in almost any battle along rivers and seas during World War 2. Bronekaters also were deployed on the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. 310 of these effective boats have been build between 1934 and 1945.

The Soviets used these ships in frontal attacks against land-based tanks and enemy infantry. These ships were armed with Katiusha rockets and T34 turrets – the effect was terrifying. The BK ships were also used for carpet bombing fortifications or cities (Vienna in Austria was bombed by these ships)..."

(Very interesting read at the lnk.)


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in tanks, give it 25,000 health, the same gun damage, pen and reload as a soviet DD, and put it one kilometer out on a map that is half ocean, half land in a special april fools map. it gets historical armor layout, and when it dies, it launches a salvo of nuclear missiles into the land in order to make the game a draw.

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