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DingBat's Tiny Tactical Talks #3: Never Do Anything Stupid On Purpose

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There's one specific failure that's probably cost me more victories than any other single act by a teammate.


Sailing broadside? No

Using the wrong ammo? No

Lemming trains? No


So, what is it? 


Not. Paying. Attention. To. The. Scoreboard.


I had a battle earlier in the week that clearly illustrated the point. It was a tier 10 fight. I was in my Udaloi. I had a great game, 100k+ damage, 4 kills, so of course we lost. Most of the time, I don't get too put out by a loss on a good game, but the problem with this game is that I could see it coming and not do anything about it. Frustrating.


Here's the situation:

It's late game and the score is VERY tight. We have a slight point lead but the enemy has 3 caps to our one. However, we have four ships to the enemy's one. A tier 9 battleship, a Mogami, a Fletcher, and me versus a Shimikaze. The Shima had just capped, on the opposite side of the map from me. I'd just finished off an enemy battleship for my 4th kill and was low on health. 


All we had to do was cap and hold two caps and we would win on points. Despite being low on health, I knew the Shima was on the opposite side of the map and would be able to get across soon, so I headed for the nearest cap, trailed by our battleship. The Fletcher, nearly full health, headed for the cap that the Shima had just left. The Mogami followed the Fletcher. So far so good.


Here's where the wheels fell off the canoe. The Mogami driver decides he's going to cover the middle channel. Virtually immediately I got a bad feeling. I asked the cruiser to stick with the Fletcher as literally the only way we could lose was to have someone get sunk. Nope. He's gonna cover the channel.


Sure enough, here comes the Shima. The Mogami is sitting broadside across the channel. He dumps torps. The Mogami fires up engines but by this time the Shima is close. He dumps torps and down goes the Mogami. We lose. The Shima gets a solo warrior.


By this point it's probably not necessary to articulate the lesson, but hey:


  • Pay attention to the score. 
  • It is possible to lose a won game very easily in WoWs. Are you doing something that could potentially lose you the game. 
  • Strength in numbers. 
  • Unnecessary risks are stupid
  • Never do anything stupid on purpose.
  • Cool 1

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11 minutes ago, DingBat said:

Never do anything stupid on purpose.

Sigh, hello my name is Stauffenberg and I have to confess I do stupid things on purpose, sometimes.

It started as little things laughed off at being a newb, but then I realized it was becoming a bit of a perverse habit.

One classic example that happened today--once I realized this was another schlub team and we were 99.999% destined to lose, I yolo in to a cap on a death or glory ride to score hits and go out in a blaze of glory. Which I did. Ramming someone at the end of it is cathartic.

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Lost a match earlier tonight by less than 50 points because our Shima turned away from the last cap held by the enemy with 2 minutes or so left to go. 

Watching the scoreboard is second only to watching the MINIMAP.  I still get tunnel vision sometimes...

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"Never do anything stupid on purpose."


Also known as "We screw it up so you don't have to."


Thanks for the lesson. :D

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