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Did I miss somthing

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Hello everyone,I missed a lot apparently I stop playing a while ago I have a few questions 

1. Is end game still all about those torps

2. Are there finally clans? And is it worth being in one?

3. Are carriers still over powered in mid tiers?

4.what is the best ships to research for the current meta

5. Are there more captain skills

6. Is this game worth coming back too?because world of tanks isn't right now!



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Torps are garbage bad right now. But few vs few, you still need to know how to dodge them. IF you can't... well. 1.7km detect and millions of helping skills can't help you. 


Clans worth, Clan Wars iffy.


T7 CVs still utterly OP broken. T6 and below much more manageable. 


Play BBs they are dominantly strong. 




Yes. Halloween event is awesome


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