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A non negotiation demand!

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As a product of the 60's we had all these political " non negotiation demands" when I was in college.  I want the PORT OF HONG KONG added as a port for our ships.  It was a major port for all the Western fleets after the Brits grabbed it around the time of the Opium Wars with China. I know, I know, this may not be "politically correct" but Hong Kong was a big deal right up thru WII. OK?  Famous. Etc. etc.  Blah blah.  Comments? Am I outta line here?  Singapore would also be cool......it was also a major Brit port.  " The guns of Singapore!"  Well, ahem, they were pointing the wrong way when the Japanese came down the Malay peninsula in 1941. But!  It was a major Asian port. Ok....imperialism and all that but this is 2017.....done....over.  I shut up now.

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Hong Kong would be nice to have in the game since we have no major Eastern nation ports in the game yet unless you count the fictional ones. I would find a picture or two of how it looked back then and then upload here or imgur link it in your post.

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