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Stupid question #1768755432.5

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Okay, I know I'm lame but I've done the usual stuff, I've searched the forums and I've read the original rules and I've cussed my computer until the cat ran down the stairs. I am now to the plead stupidity and ask the for mercy stage. 

So.... last night me and my clan mates were trying to get into a clan battle. No big deal except that we were short exactly ONE player. Hey, its a cool clan and the bars were still open, there were sports games on and maybe even one or two had actual dates (with honest to god people)..... Anyway, we decided to try inviting in a mercenary. The option is there after all and it worked great ! We invited a couple and then got a rude obnoxious obscene message that said everyone had to be a member of the same clan. Okay, we get that and figured, so, tiny  glitch we'll just ask for a mercenary with no clan affiliation and found one in the cue with no problem. Invited him and he was nice enough to accept. Then blammo whammo you guessed it, same message.

Now I admit this is something that probably everyone knows about except me but I'm determined to be enlightened. Is there some kind of magical miracle button or something that allows us to use a mercenary? Is it like RNGesus and a goat needs to be sacrificed? The option is there after all and the people are in the list and they can both get and accept invitations. I seriously doubt our vodka drinking programming gods would have put all that work into making a system that doesn't work. I have faith in them!!!!


So help a ignorant guy out and let me know what is up.

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They have to be clan members, so you have to invite them to the clan first. Then you can boot them afterwards if you so choose. Also I am pretty sure this falls under stupid question #1768755432.5 (c) sub sub section 6.lolz.5.

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Remember, the clan wars interface was built from the older Team Battles, which did have the mercenary option.  I haven't tried CW myself yet but I assume that the mercenary 'button' you see is probably some kind of leftover from Team Battles.

Otherwise, yeah, your option is invite-play-kick.  So long as that's clear to all involved it shoudln't be a big deal.

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