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Hindenburg doesn't care about BBs

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Really, I think Hindenburg's armor is more troll than the Zao's, at least at close range. I have gone broadside to BBs and only take 7k damage from a full broadside.

Her AP is also devastating to them at close range, and you also have those amazing 8 torps per side. I think she is the best ship at close range engagements in the game, and even at long range, she is very capable of jurting everything with her fast shell, 1/4 pen HE and amazing rate of fire.

Her, a small clip of the Hindenburg doing 4k to 15k damage to the broadside of some BBs while taking minimum damage:

(At 0:30 the sound goes crazy for a couple of seconds, I saw the replay several time and always happend there)


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