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CW Cruiser builds?

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Welp, I saw Flamu's Zao video and I believe he is putting out some more builds in the near future.


The lack of CVs in tX Clan wars means the builds are different (don't need BFT/AFT or any AA modules). I only have Moskva but am closing in (well...is 100k XP "closing in?") on Des Moines.


My 17 pt build I'm thinking will be


  • PT (or PM)
  • EM
  • SI & VI
  • CE &  RL


Since it's going to be mostly Cruisers and DDs I don't see the utility of DE,  and I don't believe IFHE helps much with the 220m, thoughts? I'm open to anything. 

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I am still using the AA range upgrades on my Hindenburg to shoot down Spotter Aircraft, it's just annoyin to be spotted by a planes that you can't shoot down, and these modules do help.

As for the build, I would say that a versatile build would include:

AR and EM
SI and VI
CE and AFT

PT because it can tell you if someone torped you, and it is always good to know whether or not you should disengage.

AR because -15% on your reload is no joke. You can have a 7.7 second reload on your Moskva while still sitting on 15k hp. Tell me that you don't want that :cap_rambo:

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