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Container Item Relevance

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Items received in Containers are earned. The problem is with Module upgrades  I have a Tier I vessel because I tried and was dissatisfied with higher tier ships. (Ex: I had Tier VI and a Tier VII vessels I purchased and eventually turned in for credits much less valuable than what they cost because, although the ships were visually to scale, their rate of fire was way off scale wise. The USS Arizona had the real world capability to reload and fire 'each' main gun at a 10 second interval.) Tier I ships are very limited in Module upgrades. My vessels are maxed out. However, I continue to receive upgrades in Containers, all for higher grade Tiers.


In my opinion, because Containers are earned, this is inappropriate. Instead, there should be more signal flags appropriate to the Tier of the vessel being used and there should be additional upgrades to the efficiency of available modules.


I also believe a Containers Earned list should be added to the User's profile.

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It's a bit unrealistic for things to be balanced based off of T1 ships for rewards. The USS AZ guns according to Navweaps states a usual rate of fire of 1.25-1.75 rounds per minute which falls in line with the in game rof. Also balance will trump historical accuracy because this is an arcade game. If you accept that, the game can be much more enjoyable.

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The upgrade mods are intended for higher tier play by design.  It is logical to progress up the tiers to bring more challenges and not constantly stay at Tier 1.

So, you should sell them if you don't want higher tier ships. In fact they are pretty valuable.

As for the signal flags, the buffs they give are pretty generic, and already apply to all tiers.

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