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Yamamoto tracers not working properly on (my) Mogami

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Hello there,

Problem is as follows: 
I unlocked the yamamoto captain a few days ago. As we all know the yamamoto captain has the ability to shoot red tracer ammunition. I put him into my Myoko where everything was working as intended. After unlocking the Mogami though the HE tracers stopped working (they where shown as normal HE shells). The strange thing is that the AP shells (same ship same battle) still have the red tracers. I am aware that you can toggle the tracers on and off in port (already did that a few times). I can see the HE tracers of other people just fine btw. Oh and yes, the commander is fully retrained as well.


Am I the only one having this Problem, or is there another possible reason or fix for this?


I am aware it is a minor bug/problem and there are more important things to fix in the game right now. I am just curious if the problem is on my end or not.




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