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Average HP/Speed/Concealment etc by Tier?

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Is there an Excel sheet where I could find "averages" (or it's already input so I could calculate it myself), where I could find information such as

Average HP

Average Speed

Average Rudder Time

Average Turning Circle

Average Concealment

Average Gun range

Average Gun accuracy/velocity
Average DPM

...and similar

I'm interested in how ships scale between tiers.  And I'd rather not input info for every ship if it's been done already.


For example, I feel that T7 DDs have very poor concealment on average, compared to other tiers, but would like to be able to eyeball it on a graph.

I feel battleship range/accuracy spikes dramatically at higher tiers compared to other classes, but again, I'd like to look at it objectively on a graph.

Overall, I feel firepower vs defence... as you go up tiers, firepower becomes proportionately stronger than defence (which is, IMO, the root issue for high tier camping: the offence basically has powercreeped defence, so things like smoke/radar are almost side issues to the the fact much longer ranged/accurate guns make consistent focus fire easy from halfway across the map.....) But I'd like data to support this, rather than "feels."

I'd like to be able to quickly see if a cruiser had above or below average HP for it's tier, or if a destroyer has "good" concealment for the average opponents it faces.  Or how much wider (on average) are Russian turning circles for their classes...


....anyway, is there Excel sheets with this sort of data on it already? I'd rather not reinvent the wheel, but I do like looking through stats etc.

I don't mind arranging data, but don't really like inputting it. Are there any places/google docs etc you can point me to?

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