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Oil producing old fart looking for sensible clan

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Hi everyone.

You can see my stats below or look them up. 4k+ games total. Almost all solo with a few Ranked. Despise trying to play Ranked Battles solo.

Play mostly IJN DD, second most is CAs, then a handful of BBs and very few CV games. (not a fan of playing CVs).

So my stats reflect those play choices. I have 53.5%WR/1166WTR in DDs, I'm 'meh' in CAs and BBs and suck at CVs.

Played a buttload of games (600+) in Minekaze grinding captain to 15pt, back when it took 15pt to get concealment and IJN was pre-nerfing and pre-radar. Then moved up the line to Shimakaze .

Then it was on to German CAs. Played 300+ in Königsberg , then on up to  Hindenburg and have another 300+ in it so far.

Last T10 accomplishment was U.S. CAs. Really only played enough in each to get next level. Have about 75 in NO and Balti and 140 in  Des Moines so far.

I have 19pt captains in Kag, Yug, Shim, DM and Hindy.

Now starting up U.S. DD, IJN BB and UK CA lines. Prob need to do Russian too.

Favorites to play now are: Shim, DM, Hindy, Yug, Kberg. Still love the Minekaze and Clemson for fun. Really looking forward to Mino and Yam.

I tend to play daily before dinner 4-5pm EST and later at night 9p-12a EST. I have a good headset, but can only use at night, maybe. But I can almost guarantee 30 oil per day.

PROS: Very good at team/supporting play, pretty good in DDs, will produce 30 barrels almost every day

CONS: Not unicum by any means, but willing to learn better play (see user name), lack of T10 in all lines, limited play times, not a 'pro gamer', being an old fart

I'm really looking for a clan that is a lot like me. This is just a game, so I have a real life with other hobbys. I'm 51, so would prefer an older team (i.e. not 13-21yo). I'm easy to talk to and try to use common sense about all things. I don't play other games but WoWS (mostly because of time). I don't cheat, ever. I enjoy playing WoWS a lot, especially when there's good teamwork involved.

Please let me know if any clans are interested in. Thanks.

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First off!!!!

THE BOYS STILL ROCK (Love RUSH and the 2112 on my nick is in reference to the first album of theirs I ever bought).


BWC would love to have you!! Most of our members are 30+, and we only allow 18+ members into our clan.  We are a veteran owned and operated clan and our gaming experience goes back 10+ years with gaming communities.  We accept members of all ranks of play, and we offer guidance to help everybody's game play get better if they so desire.  The only requirements we have is that you have to be active, and involved in 1 Op in a 60 day period.  If you play regularly, this will not be an issue.  Our typical Divisioning up consists of 2-3 groups of 3, we synch drop, and pity the Fools (our clan members) that are on the other team as they are Priority Target #1!!.


If BWC sounds like a good fit for you, check out our recruitment page (see my sigtag below), please read all the information there, and keep an eye on your e-mail as we will be in touch with you for a date/time to have a 1 on 1 chat. Please put me down as a "friend" so I get credit for the recruitment.

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you seem pretty decent to me.  I like how honest you are and laying it out up front. I think that is a great quality to have. if your interested visit us on teamspeak and see if you like us before joining.  our channel is: jollyrogers.teamspeak3.com

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Hello permanentnoob,


Fifth Dimension has an active Warships group with both competitive and casual play.

We have one of the largest groups in the game. Someone on 24/7. No pressure for ranks or responsibilities.


We have both NA and EU server groups. Most are in North America and Europe but we do have players globally. We have members who play other games like War Thunder, Navy Field and World of Tanks to name a few.
Mature gamers, 18+ is a requirement, most are 30 through 70. Over 180 in warships and counting. 
We are actively developing competitive play and have both inter and intra clan skirmishes and the clan beta. Not a requirement for our casual players.
Multiple games, as above, are supported in a diverse laid back Community.
Active TeamSpeak and Website. Stable, longstanding leadership. No dues or drama, only fun.


Hop on over and join us on our TS. Division up and play. 

Don't make any final decisions until you check us out.



Website: www.5DClan.com


Contacts: mikemjk, thewargod2000, Meosha, Lordcoke, Energy torpedo and Major_Steel.


Minimum Requirements for New Members (Easy to make):
- 18+,
- 1,500 Battles,
- 1 x tier 8 non-premium ship,
- Win Rate of 45%,
- Active at least once every 30 days in game and TS unless otherwise pre-arranged.


See you soon,



TeamSpeak during primetime the other day:


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