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Game stutter and shortly drop frames on Ryzen 5

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Hi, not sure if this issue is experienced by other but this is my experience with this issue. Since upgrading from a 3770k to ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.8 Ghz around this August, I cannot find the cause of the problem of short frame drops and freezes on the game. My rig is

Asrock B350 MiniITX

R5-1600 @ 3.8 Ghz (temps are fine max 58C under load with prime, in game never goes over 45C, using an Arctic Liquid Freezer 120)

16gb Gskill 3200

samsung 840 evo 500 Gb

GFA 1080TI FE.

Playing at 4k resolution, tried very quality high settings, high, high with no FXAA or MSAA, all the same

Win 10 fresh reinstalled, last drivers, high performance power plan. Tried the Geforce optimized settings, tried all settings in 3d menu to be left to application preference, Vsync enabled or set to Fast or Adaptive, Vsync On stutters the least. I'm out of ideas. The most annoying is that with 3770K did not stutter at all. Same GPU and ssd, memory was ddr3.  Maybe you have a suggestion, something that I could try. Thanks in advance.



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