Flag code: idujcouichookuul Redeem at: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/ The code was got using the message "thegatehasopened" and the keyword "fire" using the tabula recta.   =================================================================================================   A lot of people will notice that there is a new flag.   The code there is 7772672e616d2f70726f6d65746865616e2d66696c6573, you can use any hex-ascii converter (like http://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/hex-to-ascii.htm) to get the url: wrg.am/promethean-files   That url is a redirect to: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/prometheantruth/   In that page, there's a link to the "PROMETHEAN TRUTH MAILING LIST", that's actually a google docs form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8cG_L0ApU4Q69kPw1v9_aApXmOrh1ZFtQaKxLKSWIhca72g/viewform   You have until 10/23 to get "more info".   Thoughts? ^^   For those wondering what's "Wargaming ID": Observation: You can use your IGN instead of the ID (see EDIT3). The IGN should be easier for everyone. A Wargaming ID is the unique identifier of an account. You can change your nickname, not your ID. Is it bad if people know your WG ID? No. You can see anyone's WG ID at their API. The API url is: https://developers.wargaming.net/reference/all/wows/account/list/?application_id=demo&search=PauloBR&r_realm=na That URL will actually do this: https://api.worldofwarships.com/wows/account/list/?application_id=demo&search=PauloBR If you see what's inside that, it's JSON and contains all related accounts with that name. If you look more attentively, you will notice "{"nickname":"PauloBR","account_id":1006562801}" there. That "account_id" is my WG ID.   EDIT: There's the possibility that they could mean WG IGN (if the one who did that form didn't know there is a WG account ID). I did it two times, one with WG ID and the other with WG IGN (because I want what's there :p). Both works, read the edit above.   EDIT2: TheURLGuy appeared and confirmed this is legit (and time to read the documents!). EDIT3: We don't need to use our WG ID, the IGN works as well.
Source:    Clues   1) Words "contrast" and "credit" at the document "rasputinlives" (replacing letters from "rasputinlives", e.g. "casputinlives"). Image:https://i.imgur.com/etWSWys.png
By: @Nordeit   2) Grid of letters and numbers at the document "URGENT - RE: SEA OF FORTUNE Excavation Update" (bottom right). By: @hoom 3) Post from "DarkSephiroth_96". The name is really similar to "dark_sephiroth96" (author from The Promethean Coverup blog). Could be related with the "credit" word at the first clue (maybe consider the credit loss for TK too). And TheURLGuy quoted him (to make it more obvious perhaps?)   4) Tweet from WoWS containing a tabula recta (hint at https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/thegatehasopened/ with "seekthetabularecta" and using an autokey is easier [ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/hint-autokey/  ]). By: @ELDIFERENTE Image:    5) New missions: "A Strange Message" (I-IV). They give small amounts of credits (clue 1) and together with the grid (clue 2). By: @zdza I)   60 - Sixth letter, first column.  F
II)  27 - Second letter, second column.  I
III) 48 - Fourth letter, third column - R
IV) 50 - Fifth letter, first column.  E     Other stuff (not sure, just easter eggs?): 1) The operation name looks like "Hallow's Eve". 2) Some dates seem to correlated with real events (2017 = 1942).
Document date - What happened
10/05/1941       - ?
04/27/1942       - Mentions 04/13 when team aqua (Aquarion) attacks team fire (Promethean), strange coins = event coins
05/04/1942       - Team fire (Promethean) won vs team aqua (Aquarion)
06/12/1942       - ?
07/10/1942       - ?
08/24/1942       - ?
09/20/1942       - ?
10/18/1942       - Halloween event started (rasputinlives) 3) The same alien species (draconians) at the promethean truth is the bus driver at the "Back to school" news header (https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/seatbelts-everyone/).