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Damage Control Revisited (A Follow Up)

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This morning I reposted an old idea from AraAragomi about changing the damage control system to add a new layer of strategy to the game.  After reading comments from other posters and weighing in on their criticism, I’ve modified my original idea to promote increased damage control strategy but minimize the additional complexity it would bring to the game.   I apologize if you’ve already read the earlier post; I simply thought it easier to repost your criticisms and my amendments in a new thread. 


A New Approach To Damage Control 


In the new system the R button would no longer fix flooding/fire instantly.  Instead each ship would have crewmen available to assign to damage control and a cool down period would follow completion of the assigned task.   Different ship classes would have different damage crew compliments and different cooldown times. The crew complement and cool down times listed below are hypothetical examples:


-- Destroyers -- 2 crews -- 45 second reload

-- Cruisers -- 3 crews -- 55 second reload

-- Carriers -- 3 crews -- 65 second reload

-- Battleships -- 4 crews -- 65 second reload


Instead of an R button, crew would be assigned with 4 different keys to deal with damage in four different catagories.  I’ve used number keys in the following theoretical example:


1  Fight Fire (6)

2  Control Flooding (7)

3  Fix Engines and Steering (8)

4 Repair disabled armaments (9)


Pressing 6 thus, would assign a crew to fight fire on the ship.  Rather than eliminating fire immediately, the crew would reduce the time it takes for the fire to be extinguished.  Crew could then be stacked to speed up the repair process but in a manner consistent with economies of scale.  Thus, if a fire were to rage for 45 seconds, one crewman assigned to put it out would cut the time by 33%, a second by 50% and a third by 60%.  Then once the task was complete all three crew would go to cool down.  These numbers of course would need to be adjusted through testing and balancing.


When I first proposed this system some commenters said it was too complex to coordinate damage control to individual problems.  Yet in this system one button's function (the R key) has only been replaced with 4.  In a hypothetical example if one pressed 6 a damage control crew would be assigned to fight fires.  Pressing 6 twice would increase the rate fires are put out by assigning two crew to deal with that damage. 


Some have argued more displays would be needed to manage this system but only one would be needed to represent how many damage control crew are ready for assignment.  This indicator could take the place of the current damage control indicator by the torpedos and ammo selection screen.  The button could read the number available, or if none are available, it could display the time remaining until a damage control crewman came off cool down.   The latter it does already.


As for viewing the time until fire/flood/etc. damage is resolved, the game already allows you to view this time by pressing alt. 


Ultimately, I think this change would bring a new level of strategy to the game without adding extra on-screen displays or taking immense attention away from navigating and firing your weapons.  All that would need to be added are four additional hot keys, and a timer indicator for when the next damage control crewmember would be available for assignment.  Also given the fact that crew can be stacked but in a manner consistent with diminishing marginal returns, adds a significant element of strategy to a part of the game that now only offers instant gratification. 


Thanks for reading and offering your thoughts!



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