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Full Circle Development - Follow the YBR

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The longer I play this game the more I am convinced the devs are going to go full-circle on the game mechanics. It is of course taking a long time to get there for perhaps they do not see it themselves? One might suppose that - but then one could likely be wrong. You know how lobsters deal with a pan of boiling water versus a pan of cold water that over time increases in temperature until the lobster is boiled? Yea, software development can be like that you know. 


The original design meh-canics were almost spot on. Then came the fluff storms. Light at first, with little accumulation but soon enough we're talking flizzard, full fluff-out conditions. The deveopment train was locked on the rails with no side junctions no means of reversing so they had to continue on, through the cold, dense fluff.


But now it may be their yellow brick road has finally brought them out of the fluff storms, almost back to their beginnings... as things get tweaked and tweaked and tweaked some more... one day those fluff items will be essentially squished down to a point of no major consequence. And at that point they'll be back at the beginning, wiser for the journey. The vision will finally be clear, precise and far more achievable.


The results of recent development is encouraging. They are making massive change in an attempt - to my eyes - to get back to the core game mechanics and balance. Contrary to what most folks think, I believe this is a very good sign. It is SDLC after all. A complete circle, not a straight line. Want to totally visualize it? 


Mark a dot on the side of a wheel. Follow the dot as the wheel moves. The dot moves in a continuous circle. It's history - the line you are drawing by following the dot - is a continuous spiral. Software people think differently you know. 


Congrats on the release of a huge (to us) update, devs. All the best for the future. :fish_cute_2:

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