Greetings!   Tons of posts and comments today regarding Clans and Clan Wars. Wanted to put this out there for you on the opening eve of the hotly debated next season of Clan Battles.    Info and Background We are a small group active (in a variety of games), with one requirement in the games we select...the ability to play together as a group, work towards common objectives, and have a damn good time doing so. World of Warships fit that criteria for us. We are primarily EST based as an FYI on by 9pm most days   No need for stringent rules or policies here, no one is going to haze you, and no one cares about your W/L rate. If you act like an idiot, you'll be removed. You obviously need a Tier 8 or better ship to play in the battles, but we are happy to entertain just about anyone looking to learn more or have a good time.   We are a social group, we partake in adult beverages and talk like Sailors. So be prepared for that, and working together to those wins.   Next Steps If you don't believe me that Mom warned you about us, our clan has already been flagged for renaming. As such, you can submit an application to (RC09) - RenamedClan89898989898....long story, but submit an application and join us on Teamspeak this evening (details provided to applicants) to find out more, and hopefully get a few games under your belt with us.     Good luck, even if we aren't the poor bastards you get to win or lose with!   SafetyBunny