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Hello! my in-game name is Charika, currently right now I don't have much information on what bug i have to report but currently Ive grown very suspicious after the test ships (for Graf) were removed, every battle i play in using my normal graf zep people have been saying over and over "I froze" "freezed" "cant do anything" battle after battle, and to make things more interesting the people who say that, were the ones that are getting shot by my secondaries, right now Ive confirmed that the planes have nothing to do with it since people never say anything till the end, and usually that's when i start to use island cover to get close to them and get them in range, but as soon as i come around the corner the freeze comment happens, Im unsure if 'selecting' the ships causes it or if the secondary firing causes it?

it does not affect my game play, but it affects the player i selected.

Ive been told to not worry about it since a new patch is on its way tomorrow, but im still submitting this as a placeholder.

my current mods for the ship.








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